Anderson Triggs: Trump & Reagan Similarities

anderson triggs trump and reagan

Anderson Triggs: My Take On The Matter

My name is Anderson Triggs and I plan on telling my readers the striking similarities between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan in this blog post. As if history rewrote itself, the striking similarities between President Trump and former president Reagan are undoubtedly uncanny. These similarities manifest themselves in the most obvious of ways. Everything from his election to his present reign all seems to mirror Reagan’s term in 1981.

anderson triggs florida trump reagan similaritiesI, Anderson Triggs, believe that the deja vu began before Trump’s Presidency. Just like our present President, Ronald Reagan was a celebrity of his time. He was an actor appearing in over 50 films and some television shows hosting the “General Electric Theater” & “Death Valley Days.” Trump is not necessarily an actor but has appeared in films and television shows. He is more known for his popular game show “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice.” Outside of the celebrity shadow, they share similar personal lives having both been divorced. Reagan was the first President to be divorced with Trump reigning in as the second. Reagan was married to Jane Wyman before tying the knot with Nancy Davis. Donald divorced Ivana Trump and Marla Maples later marrying Melania Knauss. Their personal lives were similar but that is probably the least. From their blunt personalities to their unwavering beliefs and stances in politics both Presidents are all too alike.

Striking Similarities Made By Anderson Triggs of Florida

Listen people, I, Anderson Triggs, know that politics can be harsh and sometimes downright dirty, but I’d think many would agree that the backlash on Trump was pretty harsh. That was not too far from Reagan’s induction into The Presidency. He was spoken about to the point of ridicule. It was chanted over and over again, that he would not win. In fact, no one expected him to make it very far. Comparably, because of their association with being a celebrity the US was not all receptive to their campaigns. It was hard to take their vision for the United States seriously. It didn’t help that neither served in congress prior to campaigning either. With their Hollywood status being a hindrance to a political reputation, no one expected either to win. However, in both cases, they took their places in the white house as the 40th and 45th Presidents.

As Presidents, both Reagan and Trump share the passion, sticking up for what they believe in at all costs. This is possible the reason for the harsh backlash. This includes the ongoing topic today on immigration. In 1986, Reagan signed the Immigration and Control Act. These acts made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants. It made employers accountable, requiring each employee to have approved immigration statuses. Howbeit controversial, President Trump pushes ideas about building walls and dealing with illegal immigration. They also shared beliefs on abortion supporting pro-life. Reagan once said, “Simple morality dictates that unless and until someone can prove the unborn human is not alive, we must give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it is alive. And, thus, it should be entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Reagan and Trump are both straightforward people. They took on issues and spoke from a stance of belief, even if it meant offending the majority. As a strong believer in what Anderson Triggs Florida believes, I stand behind both of these great men of America.

Their mirroring ideas even crossed over into stances on gun rights and the Second Amendment. His stance was the second amendment, which grants the rights donald trump anderson l triggsfor all to bear arms, was an inalienable right. Trump too believes in upholding the second amendment, in regards to limiting gun control and perpetuating the individual right to firearms ownership and self-defense. If anybody has followed the blogging of Anderson Triggs of Florida online, they will know how passionate I am about Gun Rights and the Second Amendment.

Both Ronald Reagan and Trump are Republicans, well at least now they are. Before joining the Republican Party they were part of the liberal party, the Democrats. As a President should desire, both aimed to fulfill the catchphrase “Make America Great Again.” Reagan used this slogan during his campaign. Possibly feeling inspired by this message, Trump decided to use this slogan campaigning it as his own.

Reagan sought to rescue economics deeming reduction of taxes as what was needed to help the economy soar. Like Reagan, Trump to pushes for tax reductions. In order to stimulate employment Trump lowered taxes capital, in turn lowering corporate tax.

Anderson Triggs: My Conclusion On Trump & Reagan Being Alike

The similarities continue to unveil themselves as time goes on. It’s possible that they are just similar in nature. Personalities do tend to play a part in beliefs, goals, and aspirations. Trump might just be a repeat of history or just a close study of Ronald Ragan. Whatever the case, the similarities are undeniable. If you enjoy reading these blog posts written by me, Anderson Triggs, then I highly encourage you to follow along and stay tuned because I will be writing more about similar topics on the Anderson Triggs various blog websites.